“Come Ride With Us” Is our theme that we go by.
We have been in business since 1968 because we have kept our rides to what our customers want, which is private rides through the countryside in authentic Amish buggies. We have larger buggies that can hold seven average sized adults if your family is of a larger number.
We look forward to serving you and hope you will allow us to make your visit to
Lancaster County a better experience. And after your ride with us you will leave with a small gift to remember your visit with us.
Of course our main attraction is when you get to experience how the Amish travel.
We will take you on a guided tour in an original family-style Amish buggy the same as the Amish still use today.
The buggies are surprisingly cozy warm in the winter and open and “air conditioned” in the summer. Very comfortable all year round.

We have five tours for you to choose from where you will pass by a number of Amish farms, an Amish one-room school house, and other sites dating back to the 1700’s. All but one of our rides travel through a beautiful four arched Railroad bridge also dating back to the 1700’s. Our two longest rides will take you to an Amish home or Mennonite craft store and bake shop. So whether you just want a quick twenty minute tour to get the feel of traveling “Amish” style or you want to take the day to relax with our one hour fifteen minute five mile tour the choice is yours and we have the ride to fit your needs. Here you have the peace of mind knowing you are completely attended to with your private ride and one of our knowledgeable drivers. No matter the size of your family, you take your ride in privacy.
It can be just you and your spouse or bring along all your family. Children love it.
And here with us you do not have to pay extra for a private ride.
As always here at Abe’s your comfort and enjoyment is very important to us and we try our very best to meet or exceed your desires.
Be sure to bring your questions along. Our drivers will be happy to answer them.
You can also relax in the shade at our picnic area and enjoy your own snack or picnic lunch and children love to play on our playground made by the local Amish. LEASHED PETS ARE ALSO WELCOMED!!

Many people from all over the world have come to love Lancaster County, and we hope that you also will be one of them.

We guarantee satisfaction at our place.

We hope to see you soon.